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Study the Bible in Seoul

Calvary Chapel Bible College is a one-of-a-kind institution with the purpose of teaching you the whole Word of God—verse-by-verse—through the entire Bible in two years. Our focus is the most important knowledge in all the world—knowing God through His living and written Word. This knowledge of God and His transforming love is meant to be lived out in practical ways, serving Jesus Christ by serving others and leading them toward Him.

We wholeheartedly believe in experiential, hands-on learning, which is why we have several ways for you to serve alongside our leadership through Practical Christian Ministry, internships, and other volunteer opportunities in our community and beyond. You will develop your character and skills in ways that prepare you for life, ministry, and the workplace.

Our unique faith-focused academics give you the opportunity to learn with a higher purpose. You will grow spiritually and relationally by majoring in the Bible and ministry, while also having the opportunity to study communication, math, and other general subjects through the light of God’s truth.

During this time in history when Bible literacy is low and it is difficult to be a faithful follower of Jesus, we want students to graduate from CCBC having having a deep, strong relationship with God through His Word, seeing and serving the world Jesus loves through the lens of His Truth. 

Course Information

CCBC Korea Course for Foreign Students

  • New Semester Starts: Saturday 7 September 2024 

  • Duration : 12 weeks (90 days)

Course Information

Tuition & Payment Information

Tuition information

Tuition for one residential 12-week semester

  • Application Fee: $50 USD (non-refundable)

  • Tuition $1700 USD

  • Dormitory Fee $750 USD (12 weeks)* 


Total $2500 USD

*Dormitory is subject to availability. Please enquire... Pel

Payment information

Tuition includes application fees, some meals, and housing for one semester (90days).

All tuition fees must be paid in full on registration day unless prior arrangements have been made with CCBC Korea.

Once you have submitted your application, our team will send you an invoice with further instructions on how to make a payment

to process your application.


Tuition and Fees can be paid with one of the following methods:

  • Cash (in US Dollars or Korean Won) — Foreign currencies can be exchanged in the Incheon airport or at the banks in town.

  • Credit Cards through Paypal — You can make payment though Paypal account.

Please contact us at for any questions. 

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